Communication And Grooming


Major Modules are as follows:

 Introduction to communication
 What is effective communication?
 7 C’s of effective communication
 Uses of effective Communication
 Barriers of effective communication
 Differences in perception and viewpoint.
 Tips for improving how to deliver nonverbal communication:
 How to deal with stress during communication:
 How Emotional awareness helps you
 What is listening?

Personal Grooming:

Major Modules are as follows:
 What is personal grooming?
 What are 'first impressions' and how important are they?
 Importance of personal care and hygiene
 Basics of corporate etiquette
 The art of sitting / standing / walking
 Improving your body posture
 Business Body Language and its interpretation
Practical session ,mocks will be taken for all the students.

"We're living in an era where social skills are increasingly in demand."
There are a number of jobs these days that require the applicants to have excellent communication skills:
 Broadcast Journalist
 Radio Jockey (RJ)
 Marketing Managers
 Motivational Speaker