2 Year Advanced Diploma In Interior Design

Under Interior Designing the institute offers the following courses:

Semester 1:

 Art of Drafting skill: Lines, Scales, Orthographic Projection, oblique view Isometric View etc
 Art & Graphics - I: Rendering & Sketching, Color Wheel, Tints, Shades and Tones, color schemes, surface development, Spectrum, Color Psychology, sketches, Composition, Elements of design, Principles of Design, window treatments & lights.
 Building Construction -I: Foundation, Super structure, Arches and lintels, Brick Bonds, Doors, windows in basic, basic knowledge of Staircase, False Ceiling
 Art of Furniture Design – I: Anthropometry & Ergonomics, Standards of Furniture Joinery, Rooms Furniture, Paneling, Partition, Theme based Furniture
 History- I: Dravidian, Egyptian, Greek, Japanese architecture
 Material - I: Timber, glass, paints, varnishes, wallpaper, laminates, tiles
 Art of Studio Design & Model making - I: Two Residential Project with cad drawing of Electric elevation, plan, exterior elevation
 Estimation: Code of Ethics, Estimate & its types, Estimate of a small Furniture & Full Room, specification, Types of Fees, Rate analysis.
 Market survey: Wood, Glass, tapestry, Flooring and Ceiling, Paints
 Practical exposure Workshops: Sculpture through metal scrap, Lamp shades, Glass etching, P.O.P mural.
 Guest lectures
 Site Visits: Construction, Furniture shops, Residential Case study, Material Knowledge, Visit to Modular Kitchen showroom, Tapestry showroom Visit, sanitary showroom Visit .
 Software: CAD 2D,3ds Max and Sketchup

Semester 2

 History- II: Harappan, Rajput, Mughal, Roman, Modern architecture
 Advanced Building Construction: Roofs, Trusses, Doors, windows in detail, Staircase in details
 Design Idea: More advanced furniture and office design furniture along with Polish, Varnish And Paints Knowledge, Designing of Material based Furniture
 Material & Servicing: Plumbing Detail, A.0 Ducting, Hardware, electric wires, cables, Switches, Calculation, ad & Paints, LAN Switches, Telephone, Camera installation.
 Life Space Planning: Circulation, Space factors, Principles
 Art of Studio Design & Model making – II: Business center, Showroom design, Advertising Agency, Library
 Estimating & Costing: Building Regulation Act, Contract System and its types, Code of Ethics, Tenders, Estimate of a full Commercial Building
 Market survey: Tiles, fixtures, carpentry, tapestry material carpets & rugs, paint, textures, up holdings
 Workshops & Commercial site Visits
 Software: cad 3d & Google Sketchup

The Interior Design Industry is growing at an optimistic rate. With the fact that people are more aware about the kind of houses they would like to live in. The construction boom results into high demand for Designing Interiors for the new spaces.
 Everyone is well informed in India about the advantages in getting Interior spaces designed by professionals. Functionality and aesthetics both are encouraged by new users of spaces and thus Interior designers are needed in large numbers.
 The study depicts the market value of the interior design worldwide from 2013 to 2021 to be $76670 million to $103527 million.
 Employment for Interior Designers in 2019 is expected to grow strongly. Employment in this occupation (10 800 in 2014) rose very strongly in the past five years and will continue increasing in long term (Ten Years).

Career Options in Interior

 CAD designer
 Commercial Interior Designer
 Consultant-design, material, legal advisor,
 Furniture Designer
 Theatre and set designer
 Institutional Interior Designer
 Specialization -Lighting Designer, modular kitchens, bathrooms, wall finishing,etc
 Residential Interior Designer
 Design Educator
 Facility Manager
 Draftsman – manual / software
 freelance consultant
 Site supervisor
 Dealer in design equipments
 Exhibition Designer
 Window display designers